Question: “I think my daughters pregnant..Wow I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think my 17 year old daughter is pregnant. She’s been acting weird lately and I know she’s having sex because I’ve found condoms in her garbage bag in her room. I think she’s starting to show a little stomach now though, that’s why I’m worried that she wouldn’t tell me if she was pregnant…But I don’t want to go to her and accuse her of being pregnant if she’s not. What do I do?!” – Unknown

Answer: “Well, the first thing you have to do is gain her trust. Let her know that you have noticed that she’s been distant as of late and you’re concerned about her – tell her that nothing she has done or will do will rob her of your love, that your first and primary concern is her well being. I’m sure if she is pregnant her mind is racing, she’s feeling alone, scared and powerless. It’s a scary and sometimes dangerous place to be – she needs security and love more than condemnation. After establishing this trust, give her some time – allow her to come to you.” – Paul, 18, OH

Answer: “Yeah thats not an easy subject to bring up. Ive had many friends who have had children at a young age ( some as young as 13) its not a good thing but what they said helped them get through is the support of thierr parents and friends. I’m not saying you shouldnt be mad or dissapointed but you need to show her you are there to support her and let her know that you just going to be there….” Christina, 16, IL

Answer: “Without hinting that you think she’s pregnant you could talk to her and tell her that you’re willing to listen to her, even if you “won’t understand”, and make it clear that you won’t be judgmental if somethings bothering her and make sure the line of communication is open, then it’s a matter of trusting her and even if she isn’t pregnant it can help your relationship with her.”Anonymous

Answer: “Pregnancy is an extremely important event in life, no matter what age you are. Accusation and discussion are two different things. Many arguments between parent and child begin because of translation difficulties. Calmly set up a conversation with your daughter and have her realize that you are attempting to help and not blame. If she is pregnant, she might feel like most 17 year old-moms-to-be… alone, guilty, extremely stressed. Show her your love; give her guidance. If she’s not and is offended, then tell her you were just concerned, and you will always be there for her.” – Michelle, 18, OH

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