Question: “I have two kids (boy and girl) who are about to start high school after this summer. They’ve been home-schooled their whole life and have been begging me to go to school this year. Being a Christian my whole life and passing my beliefs and faith down to my children I was appalled when they told me they didn’t want to go to a Christian school. They said it’s just filled with a bunch of fake people who pretend to be Christians. They want to go to a public school..and that scares me. I know God will protect them…I just know how public schools are and I don’t know if I want my kids around that kind of example all the time. …Should I force my kids to go to a Christian school or should I let them do what they want and pray to God they don’t get involved in all that stuff? Please help!” – AmyKay, 36, OH

Answer: “From my taste of Christian schools, I agree with your children in the fact that it’s full of hypocrites. On the other hand, though, I do see your concern. Your kids have been home schooled their whole lives and that’s scary to send them into a place that you can’t be but you have to let them go, make their own decisions and govern their lives because it’s healthy. For the most part, when going to a Christian school the kids going there already know Christ and hear about Him two, three, four times a day! You can’t be radical and preach the good news if everyone already knows it. When you’re a Christian at a public school then your light shines that much brighter and being a constant Christian is rare. I think that if your children are going to public school for the right reasons then they will be able to handle it and, actually, it will make them a stronger Christian.

Of course, if their loud about their faith (which I advise them to do because the kids in public school need it) then they will be made fun of and picked on rarely… but most of the public kids (even if they won’t admit it) are hungry to learn from good people. They’re so sick of fake, hypocrites who don’t mean what they say. Your children will have the power to change their minds and set the standard. Also, when people know that they have fellow Christians they usually come out of the wood work to help you reach your school. I hope that helps!” -Audrey, 17, OH

Answer: “I’ve been a Christian my whole life and I’ve also been in a private Christian school my whole life as well. I am a junior now, anxious to be a senior and let me just tell you that you are going to find bad stuff and fake people no matter where you go. Bad stuff seems to be more found in public schools while fake people are more common in private Christian schools. Either way, things are going to happen and your kids are going to have good friends and bad friends and their going to make mistakes and good choices. I’ve loved private school, although I do sometimes wish I could go to a public school with a bunch of people who really need to the love of Christ what I’ve started to realize is that my private school is filled with those kind of people to. Everywhere you go you will find confused, hurt, broken people who just need some love. Trust your kids and let God protect them. It seems to me like your kids are ready and want to grow up..but know them better than I do. Good luck! – Yamon’, 17, MI

Answer: “It sounds like you have a big decision ahead of you. The main thing that came across my head as soon as I read your question was not to be legalistic. Don’t judge your kids or your kids friends based on things you’ve heard on TV and watched in a Disney movie. Yes, schools (private or public) are filled with real world problems…but that’s simply because we live in the real world. Deciding on which school isn’t as important as deciding that you are going to love and be there for your kids no matter what. They are going to experience hurt and pain and they need to run to you instead of their friends. Continue to be open to them and realize that it’s better for them to experience reality now..when you have them under your authority 24/7 than it is when they move out or go to college and have no idea what to do. Hope this helps! – JessicaLou, 18, OH

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