Question: “Do you think it’s okay for Christians to listen to secular music? Why don’t most teens like Christian music?”– Jess, 30, MI

Answer: Whether or not Christians listen to secular music or not is dependent on that individual.  Although, there are certain types of music that should definitely be avoided by Christians.  When the music crosses the line from fun to just plain dirty, or dark, that’s when it is not okay to listen to.  The other way to tell if you shouldn’t be listening to that kind of music is how it affects your personal life, and how you think or act.   For me, music controls my moods sometimes.  If I listen to a happy sounding song, I obviously cheer up a bit.  If I listen to a dark, emo song, I’ll most likely get a little depressed.  I also know other people that whether they listen to ‘Christian’ music or ‘Secular’ music, it doesn’t affect them as much as it does me…” Anonymous, 19, OH

Answer: “A lot of teens don’t like Christian music because it’s no longer cool to be a Christian, so they dismiss the music along with it. Most Christian teens I know enjoy at least some Chrisitian music. Speaking to the secular part of it, music, biblically, is an extremely powerful tool. It moves us and so when you hear something that moves you, does it matter (to an extent) what the lyrics are? I listen to some secular music, but I’m careful about what I let into my playlist. You can never be too careful about guarding your heart.” – Anonymous, 18

Answer: I think that it’s ok to listen to some non-Christian music. If you’re not sure if a song is a good one for you to listen to, i would advise you to look up the lyrics and see what the words truely mean. For example: I listen to Family Force 5, Michael Jackson, some Chris Brown, Rascal Flatts, ect.
Most teens don’t want to listen to Christian music because they don’t want to stand out to their friends or they don’t think that the words the music is saying is plausible. I myself like to listen to Christian music, but there are times where i trip up in my relationship with God and don’t listen to it when i really need it. Christian music can really calm your heart when you’re mad or upset about something, make your relationship with God better. When I’ve really meditated on the words of the songs and of the words of the Bible, my relationship with God has changed and I’ve acted so much differently around people.”
– Kely, 15, OH

Answer: “I think it’s ok to listen to secular music, but nothing that’s obviously bad to just listen too because what you listen to can affect how you act and who you are, it can even define who your friends are too. Like personally, songs that are just about money, pride, and sex, which (sadly) is pretty much everything nowadays, I don’t agree with the lyrics so I just don’t listen to them.

I think alot of teens don’t like Christian music as much as all the rest of it because it simply isn’t as catchy and doesn’t always have a sweet beat, it’s good to listen to occasionally and worship with but it’s not something that most people would listen to on a daily basis when they could listen to something else. I think it is a sad reality that to hear “good” music we can’t always look to Jesus music, but seeing Christians infiltrate different music styles is pretty cool and there is alot of good Christian music out there.” Ryan, 16, OH

Answer: In my opinion it is absolutely fine if you listen to secular music. To say that secular music is from Satin and that you will go to Hell if you listen to it is ridiculous. On the other hand……. Secular music does have an affect on your spirit if you want to agree or don’t. I know that for me, if I fill my life up with things of this world I will fail when given a chance to minister or simply live like the Lord wants me to live. We are all asking our selves questions all the time such as: Why do I struggle with pornography? Why am I so angry? Why can’t I hear God? Why can’t I forgive? This list goes on forever. Everything we do in life should be an overflow of our time spent with God. The answer to all of these seemingly hard questions is actually quite simple…….. We feed our flesh more then our spirit. I try my absolute best not to listen to secular music because I want as much as I can get From the Holy Spirit. I seek to feed my Spirit all the time with God because we only have one life and one chance to change the world. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! However, to ask all christians to stop listening to secular music is rather legalistic. It says in 1 Corinthians 13:1 ” That if I speak in the tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” I could scream at you and tell you to stop filling your lives with dirty movies, music, and television. I could tell you that your standard isn’t even close to the standard God sets up in the Bible. But…. YOU HAVE TO WANT GOD AND NO ONE ELSE CAN MAKE YOU.Tyler, 19, OH

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