Question: “My 15 year old son has learned about tithing his whole life. He has recently got a job but he doesn’t tithe on what he makes, I feel like he’s robbing himself from God’s blessings. Should I make him tithe?”James, 39, CA

Answer: “I came to an age where my Dad came to me and brought up tithing. He didn’t make me do it but he highly recommended it to me. I would bring it up to him and also provide scripture. Also tell him the positives of tithing and how it is part of worshiping God.”Traffics321, 18, OH

Answer: “Tithing has to be a personal choice. You can talk to him about it and point out the fact that because he isn’t tithing he won’t reap that blessing but don’t force him to do it because that will make him resent you and the idea of tithing. You have to let him make the decision, act on it and let God bless him. Your son is still young but about the age of 15 you start to grow up really fast and realize a lot of things… so let that process naturally happen.”Audrey, 17, OH

Answer:My dad has taught me about tithing my whole life. I am now 16 and mow lawns to make money, with that money I  make sure I always tithe. The only reason is because I used to be like your son…I didn’t really believe in tithing, I thought it was one of those weird “christian” things that only crazy old testament people did. But, the thing that changed me was when I saw my Dad notice that I wasn’t tithing and so he would start letting me know all the crazy things God was blessing him with through tithing. It soon just wasn’t a story in an old book anymore, it became reality because I saw my dad literally giving hundreds and thousands of dollars and getting back 10 times more everytime right in front of my eyes. I then started asking him more questions and he’s shown me more books of stories and pointed me to friends of his who have insane tithing stories. I would be a fool if I didn’t tithe! I think you can try talking to him but more than anything just show him that it’s real and he’ll catch on! – AnthoLee, 16, OH

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