Question: “My 15 year old daughter wants to get her ear pierced. I don’t know how fond I am of teenage girls getting their piercings too early..She keeps bugging me about it but I honestly think it’s just a little to grown up for a 15 year old girl to be doing. Am I wrong in saying that?”– Amy, 33, OH

Answer: Well, I personally got my ears pierced when i was 9 years old, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I think its all a matter of WHERE your daughter wants to get piercings. I think ear piercings are completely harmless. However, if you think she would try to push the limit after getting her ears pierced to think she could talk you in to a tattoo or lip ring, I would say no to the earrings, but thats a matter of trustworthiness and personality of your child.” – Madeline, 17, OH

Answer: I think that it’s completely alright for a 15 year old to get their ears pierced. I got my ears pierced when I was 7 or 8 years old. People always worry about their kids getting infections, but if you put Bactine on daily then the infection should soon go away.”– Kelly, 15, OH

Answer: “Honestly, I think that 15 is surprisingly late for your daughter to want an ear piercing. There are parents now that are even getting their BABIES ears pierced (although I do that is stretching it)… But to answer your question, I think that if your 15 year old daughter wants to get her ears pierced, that is totally okay. All it is, is her wanting to wear earrings. Let’s face it..if her friends see her wearing clip on earrings, they’ll roll on the floor laughing, ultimately traumatizing her feelings and confidence. Maybe the best thing for you to do if you’re concerned about it, is to sit down with her for JUST a few minutes and ask her why she wants them pierced, but don’t be too forceful, because the average teen will put up their wall of defense.” – Dan, 18, OH

Answer: “I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with it. It’s a really cute new trend now, and for a while, I had my cartilage pierced, but it got infected and I had to let it close up. If you do decide to let her go with the piercing, tell her that if it gets infected and it hurts, you don’t want to hear any wining about it. It was her decision to do it in the first place.” – Deanna, 15, OH

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