Question: “Is it really possible for you to get drugs at school anytime you wanted? …Or is that just something we hear about and watch on TV?” Phil, 44, MI

Answer: “It is, most definitely, possible. I go to a private school, and even there, there are students, like every where else, that have access to drugs. There is no escaping that. No matter where your kid goes to school, they could get drugs very easily anytime they wanted.”Jesse, 15, OH

Answer: “Sadly it is true you can get drugs at school anytime or should i say from people at school. When i was 16 I got into Drugs and I had access to all of it at public school basically everyday. If your looking for it than most likely you will find it. But i would encourage my kids to stay away from it and have them realize how it effects other people.” Traffics321, 18, OH

Answer: “Nope, you can get drugs at school whenever you want. I’ve seen people snort Smarty candy, over dose on cough drops and sniff Rubber Cement glue to try and get something from it. If you’re talking about legit drugs then, yes, you can get those as well. Most of the time there’s drug-dealing kids all over the place and there are kids who will buy them. So it’s definitely not just on the television.”Audrey, 17, OH

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