ihaveaQ.com was created for one specific purpose, to bridge the gap of communication between parents and teenagers. The idea for this website came from a conversation I had with one of my Dad’s friends about his teenage daughter. He vented to me about the problems he was having with her for about 45 minutes then asked me what I (teenager) think that he (parent) should do. Suddenly it hit me. Parents don’t understand teenagers because teenagers don’t know how to talk to their own parents! So, why not create a place where parents can learn to understand teenagers and where teenagers can be honest with what they really think?

Being raised in a communicative, Christian family, a verse came to my mind when I started to realize this communication problem. Proverbs 18:13 says, “He who answers before listening, that is his folly and his shame.” Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Atheist or a Treehugger, you can’t deny the truth behind those words.

How many times does a parent handle a mistake their son or daughter made without even bothering to understand it from their perspective or even get to the bottom of what’s really going on? I am amazed when I hear my friends say that the only thing their learning from their parents is what not to do when they become a mom or dad. Are parents really that clueless to what their own teens want from them?

The youth of today is labeled, irresponsible, careless, rebels, and just plain trouble. Blame the media, culture, schools, whatever you want. The problem isn’t where this lack of communication is coming from; the problem is nobody’s doing anything to stop it.

So, you want to stop this problem? You want to learn what your teen needs from you? You want to help bridge the gap between parents and teenagers? Good! You’re at the right place. All you have to do is exactly what my Dad’s friend did, ask a question.

As much as I would love for you to subscribe, ask some questions, comment on some questions, tell your friends and all that stuff. That’s not the point of ihaveaQ.com. The point is to give you a tool to have open communication with your son/daughter or mom/dad. What I would love more than anything is for an honest conversation to take place between teens and parents all over the world. I want people to get what that Proverb says and instead of answering a question or discussion thoughtlessly, take time to listen to each other and understand the situation or thought from the other persons perspective.

Parents, I encourage you to look around, ask some questions, add some comments and make an effort to better understand your own kids by not only researching it online, but also by asking your kids at home what they would like from you and listen to what they have to say.

Teenagers, I ask you to respond to your parent’s effort to understand and communicate with you. It’s not easy being a teenager in this day and age; your parents know that and really do want to help you. Be honest and open and tell them what they can do for you.

The miscommunication of parents and teenagers has been an ongoing problem that only gets worst over the years. Please help fight against this problem and communicate with your family.