Question:“Why do you hate school so much? Is it because of the people there or more because of the work?”Johnboy, 29, OH

Answer:“Maybe I’m a weird case, but i actually don’t hate school. However, I do have a lot of friends who do and it seems to be a mixture of both the people there as well as the work. The people that we’re around have a big impact on how much we enjoy our day to day lives IF we let them. I’ve been learning to go with the flow, and not allow drama to effect my life. As for the work, we’re all going to hate that at some point in time, and I personally think that we get too much work, but its not like we can do something about that. Its just a matter of sticking with it and, believe it or not, learning and work does help us in the long run.”Madeline, 17, OH

Answer: “I don’t hate the people there. I think usually they are annoying and immature. They make fun of people with you and then you walk away and then they make fun of you. I am tired of gossip at school. They are constantly in their own little cliques. It bothers me that they don’t make attempts to change. People in the cliques don’t want to change because they want to fit in with the people. If they take a step out of there comfort zone, they are betrayed and made fun of by their own friends. They don’t plan to make fun of people and their new/old friends, it just happens without them thinking. People don’t know how much these little things can bother people.
The work is expected of course; it’s school. I am one of the high precentage who doesn’t like schoolwork. Of course we will have homework, but these teachers don’t communicate. Their are plenty of days where we get a lot of homework and they don’t care about it. Well, let me share some thing with you teachers: We still have lives outside of school and want to live them! Schoolwork is necessary, but it is often stressful with our lives” –
Jake, 14, OH

Answer: “I am home schooled and I have been my whole life. I hate school, obviously not for the people (I do love my mom, haha) but because the work is pointless. There’s a book out there, “All I need to know I learned in kindergarten” and I would have to say that would be my life sentence. It’s important to know the basics but how is calculus, algebra, Spanish 7, which by the way all my friends who have taken Spanish for 4 years have no idea how to even speak in Spanish? is knowing all the events in the history of 1910 of what countries, leaders, dates, and how weird that guys facial hair looked back then ever going to help me with what I want to do in life? Yes, school is for some people but not for everywhere. It drives me crazy! JohnPSE, 17, MI

Answer: “I hate school because it takes away from family and friends. I am almost out but it seems to just be getting worse. I hate watching my brothers and sisters come home from a long 9-3 day at school and do homework from 4-6, eat dinner, then do more from 6-8 and have enough time to watch TV or call a friend or do something relaxing for 2 hours before they have to go back to bed again and do the same thing the next morning. C’mon, for real?! Is school really that important to where you have to take away these kids lives? I agree that school is very important but I don’t think it needs to be as stressed out and insane as teachers make it now a days.” – Jasonrace, 18, OH

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