Question: “Why do you “really” feel like parents don’t listen or understand you?” – Jay, 29, WI

Answer: “For me its not so much that parents don’t TRY to listen and understand their children its more that parents don’t take in what their kids are saying but would rather ignore their cries for help and tell them how they know better instead of “really’ listening and understanding. Parents can not always fix things, sometimes we just need someone to listen and know that when the time comes when we need help you are always there. so dont always feel like you have to fix every little thing because one way or another we always find our own way to learn how to fix them ourselves, you as parents need to learn to trust us.” – Beccy, 17, Australia

Answer:“My friends don’t think their parents listen to them because their parents just don’t care about them, but for me my parents don’t get me because they care about me to much. If they really understood me they wouldn’t smother me all the time and be so over protective. I am my own woman and although I am young that doesn’t mean I can’t live life on my own..or at least start to. If they really got me they would give me space and maybe then I would be more open and honest with them. The last thing I want to do right now is ask my parents for advice about my problems when I know they don’t fully understand me now.” Krista, 17, IL

Answer:“I think times have changed so much that parents don’t really understand what goes on in the life of a teenager anymore. The reason they don’t understand is because we don’t talk to them. They aren’t mind-readers, they’re normal human beings who are just trying to do their best to raise their teenagers… We need to have open communication with them or they will never understand us…and thats our fault, not theirs. As for why they don’t listen, its going to take them awhile to listen, because we need to let them know that we want them to hear us. If they try to start a conversation and all we say is, “fine.” or “I dont want to talk about it.”, when we actually want them to listen, they already have a wall up.” – Madeline, 16, OH

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