Question: “I read my kids text messages and emails. I have a 15 year old boy and a 17 year old girl. They have recently told me that they would rather not have phones or internet access than to have it and know that I read/monitor what they do. I’m just trying to protect and be involved in their lives. What do they have to hide?”Natalie, 36, OH

“My parents do the same thing and it makes me so angry! They may not have anything to hide- they may just want privacy. In my case, I have nothing to hide, but I don’t want my parents reading what I write to my friends. Personally, it bothers me to know that my parents are reading everything I do and that there is no place in my life where I can be left alone without having to worry about my parents. However, there is the possibility that your son and daughter could be hiding something, but if you check their e-mails, wouldn’t you have found it by now?” Daniel, 14, OH

Answer: “Wow! Really? Not to be mean, but do you have a tracker in their car to monitor everywhere they go to? I just saw an ad on TV where you can have an ap for the Iphone to track where your daughter or son is in the mall or something, really?! I can’t believe that parents literally have no trust for their kids anymore. It’s not that they are doing anything bad as much as it is that they want privacy! Think about when you were a kid, did you want your parents to be involved in everything you did and watch you vent to a friend, flirt with a girl, listen and help someone with a problem, etc? It’s not bad to do any of those things, it’s normal and a part of life it’s just plain AWKWARD when our parents are breathing down our throats trying to be sneaky with everything we do. What happened to trust?” – Billy Joe, 16, WI

Answer: “I think that reading your kids text messages and emails and monitoring their phone calls and stuff is equivalent to putting them on a leash and walking them through the mall. My parents used to read my text messages until I talked them out of’s just plain annoying! Sure there’s a ton of reasons as to why but we shouldn’t have to listen those out for you? Do we really need a reason to have privacy? I think that if you have a reason to not trust your child..then sure go ahead and invade their privacy (if you must) but’re just being plain creepy and kind of invading privacy by just doing it cause’ your curious as to what their saying. Let them live!” – JenForlove, 16, OH

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