Question: “How come girls don’t seem to buy into modesty anymore? Why do they think guys aren’t visual? Guys, what do you think is the reasoning behind girls when they wear clothes such as, short shorts, tight fitting shirts, shirts that don’t cover their stomach, any clothes that expose their body?”Michelle, 47, OH

Answer: “I really feel that guys have made girls think that the only way that they will be accepted is by our perverseness.  They think that the only way that they can impress us is by showing off their body, or what they might do in the bedroom (as an extreme).  In all honesty, it does catch guys attention..but what does that do for that relationship?  The guy will not respect the girl, he will only see her as an object.  On top of that, how will the guy respect the girl if the girl doesn’t respect the girl?” Jeff, 18, OH

Answer: “Of course not all girls like to dress this way but there always is the pressure from society to dress this way. Alot of the time dressing in what you believe is “skimpy” or “inappropriate” clothing isnt quite the same to us, though i would agree that many girl today choose not to dress modestly and very rarely dress for themselves, if they did they would be wearing sweat pants and old baggy shirts all day everyday, but of course everyone dress for someone other then themselves. this is the main reason for why girls dress the way that they do, for attention and particularly attention from boys and dressing this way does get their attention, though not all guy go for that sort of girl.”Unknown

Answer: “Well, personally speaking, i believe modesty is very important, and i think that it should be stressed way more than it is. Girls don’t buy into modesty, because the world (including men) tells them that they’ll never get far if they dress modestly.. when all the guys pay attention to their friends in short skirts and low-cut tops, it can make a girl feel worthless if she isn’t dressing like that too. Guys have more of an impact on what a girl wears than they realize. Girls know full-well that guys are visual, but they wear those clothes anyways and blame the guys for lusting after them when its clearly their own doing!” Emily, 18, OH

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